Northern Colorado Speech Therapy

An Autism, Behavior & Non-Verbal Specialty Clinic - Play and Learn to Improve Verbal Communication in the Formative Years
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Every parent wants to see their child at ease and progressing.

Just like parents, we want the same.  We are committed to each child’s development and comfort in learning.

Who We Serve

We provide outpatient therapy to children in the area of diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders and minimally verbal/late talking young children.

Speech Therapy

We serve kids with different kinds of speech difficulties and build skills by using strategies tailored for each child’s particular challenge .

How We Serve

Sara Williams and her fine staff serve their clients with a magical combination of intellect, playfullness, compassion and skill earned from countless hours of helping children & their famililies.

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What makes us different?

NoCo Speech Therapy, a service with Allied Pediatric Specialists, is lead by Sara Williams, M.S., CCC-SLP.  Ms. Williams understands firsthand about raising a child with special needs and has a strong storehouse of empathy, experience, education, and skill to orchestrate her services.  She fervently believes in her well-trained staff and knows how to connect deeply with her clients.

Sara is a Colorado and California licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She began practicing speech therapy in Long Beach California in 2001 specializing in pediatrics. In 2010 Sara opened Northern Colorado Speech Therapy and collaborated with local doctors in Greeley to provide medically necessary outpatient therapy to children. In 2014 Sara began post-graduate studies for a doctorate of clinical science, with an emphasis in multidisciplinary coordinated care. Sara is the lead speech-language pathologist with Allied Pediatric Specialists and Northern Colorado Speech Therapy and completes all new-patient intake evaluations for speech referrals. She subspecialized in the area of diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders and minimally verbal/late talking toddlers. Sara is a mother of two boys and has personal experience parenting a child with special needs.