Do You Have a Learning Disability?

Do You Have a Learning Disability?

Find out with dyslexia testing in Greeley, CO

Dyslexia hinders a person's ability to read quickly and thoroughly - and according to studies, more than 40 million people in the U.S. may have it. If you struggle with reading, writing and spelling, there could be a chance you need dyslexia testing services. You can get a proper diagnosis with NoCo Speech & Diagnostics in Greeley, CO.

We offer literacy testing for patients who:

  • Mix up visually similar words
  • Read and write at a slow pace
  • Struggle with skimming texts
  • Can't focus with distractions
  • Read things multiple times to understand them

If you think that you have dyslexia, we can perform a detailed assessment at our office. Connect with us today to book an appointment.