What Parents Say about NoCo Speech & Diagnostics

Our sweetest rewards come from the families we serve. We thank them.

Northern Colorado Speech Therapy is a great practice! I started my daughter Sage at 3 almost 4. She saw Sara from the beginning. Sage was very frustrated and couldn't complete a 5-word sentence. As of June 2017 at 6 years old she graduated from speech! She is fully communicating and we were able to find out she is autistic, and the work that Sara did for with her has helped her to become a confident sensitive well functioning young lady. I just wanted to say thank you so much to Sara for her dedication to her patient's and her co-workers.

JaeLynn Quintana

Sara and her staff have been absolutely AMAZING with my little boy. It was easy to get an appointment that worked with my schedule, and I've never felt rushed or that our appointments aren't a top priority if this practice. Her staff is personable and make my son feel completely at ease. I would definitely feel comfortable sending other parents here.

Molly Grue

This place is amazing. My son Elias love it here and does so well with his friends/ therapists. His progress and development have improved tremendously in his time coming here. Thank yous very much for your caring hearts and passion you each have for our son and the other children.

Isaac Garcia

Sara and Angie are both awesome and really care about the kids they work with! They keep the sessions positive and interactive and different so that the kids do not get bored! Our son is already making progress after just a few weeks!

Nichole Gorman

We had nothing but incredible experiences with Sara at speech therapy! It was a highlight of our week, never a chore. Grateful for their dedication and caring approach. I would highly recommend!

Sarah Miskimins

This is an amazing asset to the community! Thank you for your hard work!

Edy Nassif Parker

Ms. Angie is the highlight of Jo's week! He absolutely adores her and has come so far!! I send everyone who is struggling here.

Marlee DeMarse

Sara is an amazing SLP and very good with children!

Aaron Gill

My son still attends here his speech therapist was Sara she did an amazing job with him he went from being almost nonverbal to speaking sentences and having the ability to communicate his needs I would highly recommend Sara and her staff

Elizabeth Higgins

My daughter was in speech therapy for 3 years with Sarah. She has helped my daughter so much we can now have full conversations. The staff and environment are welcoming and exactly what we needed...Sarah is patient and knows how to work with children. Thank you Northern Colorado Speech.

Vinny Quinn

Sara has being helping my son for over 4 years now and I can't say enough about the care she has provided to me and my son both! It has been hard being a parent of someone who is considered different and she has been so supportive. We help each other by bouncing ideas off each other to ensure my son is getting the best care and education he possibly can get, I truly don't know what I would do without her AND her new support group at the Greeley office.

2nd- in response to the negative comment posted below by a bob smith, very sad to hear that is your response as I have NEVER had any issues with billing or rudeness at this professional office who prides themselves on helping children and parents understand and work through a new way of life due to a disability.

Alisha Vail

I would love to share my experience with not just Sara but the clinic as a whole. My son has been seeing Sara for the last 4 years, she has provided amazing services. My son loves and always looks forward to going! Sara has not only helped me take the right steps for my son, but has helped me as a mother, and the understanding of my son's development. I can confide in her as a mother and friend. The girls at the clinic are really reliable, always friendly, and make rescheduling and cancellations amazingly easy. They reach out if there is ever a last minute change to my scheduled time, and have makeup times already available. I love them all very much and will continue to recommend them.

Michel Lievano

I have been taking my two daughters to Northern Colorado Speech Therapy for over a year and a half. My daughter, who was 2 years old at the time, was considered nonverbal and was having a very tough time. She is very bright, but unlocking her speech ability was very difficult. We started going to therapy and within a few weeks she was making her needs verbally known.
My older daughter was great at speaking, but had difficulty with annunciation. After a year and a half she graduated from the program since Sara thought she had progressed enough to do work at home and didn't think we should be spending our money on therapy anymore.

I'm very thankful for the therapy we received. I was saddened by reading some of the negative reviews. I have never experienced anything besides professionalism from any of the therapists or receptionists. If you are thinking you need speech services for your child don't think you are failing just because you can't seem to help them. My husband and I are both well educated and spend a lot of time working with our children, but we didn't have the tools to help unlock that part of the brain. Sara and the other speech therapists working with my girls have made a huge improvement to our lives.

Kim Smith

My son has been attending speech therapy here since the fall of 2015. The team here really works with each child on an individual basis based on the needs of that child. Sara and Madelyn are constantly coming up with new ways to try and best help my son and meet him where he is at! The personalized services they give all of the kids are great and yet different for each child/family based on the needs of the child. A couple of small issues we have had were quickly resolved with a conversation or two, and they do not come up often at all! We love coming to Northern Colorado Speech Therapy, and really appreciate what they have done to help our son over the past couple of years! Thank you, Sara, Madelyn, and Angie for everything you have done!

Nichole Gorman

As the company's longest standing staff member I can say from experience that this is a great company to work for. I have worked for NoCo Speech Therapy for over a year and I love it! I was lucky to have found Sara and become a part of her team. She is encouraging to everyone around her, hardworking, respectful, and honest. She always has a plan and handles every situation with ease. Some of her highest priorities are her patients and employees, she works hard to make sure patients are receiving the best services and her staff feels appreciated and are treated fairly. For all of these reasons and more, I would love to work for NoCo Speech Therapy and be a part of this awesome and caring team for years to come! Hopefully in the future as an amazing speech therapist and businesswoman like Sara.

Maria Mendoza

Our family has been in Colorado for 4 1/2 years and my son has been with Sara and Angela's team for 2 1/2 years he has made more progress here with their team than he has with anyone else. Sarah and Angie work very well together and supply the most intensive treatment based on the needs of each individual child. I have been very pleased with this establishment and I feel they are here to accommodate each family and their needs. The entire staff has been well chosen and is very courteous to everyone that enters the door. A HUGE Thank you to the excellent staff, Sara and Angie for the program you have meticulously chosen for our special kiddos.

Misty Hague

Ms. Katie is an amazing therapist. She is kind and patient with my son and has taught him many new things. We have seen our son's love for talking and learning flourish leaps and bonds all because of Ms. Katie's love for what she does.

Ryder Carmona

My daughter came to Sara and her team when she was 2.5 and nonverbal. Sara not only helped figure out what was going on, but she helped my daughter so much. We see therapists for different things and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. The fact that her clinic is rapidly growing is evidence enough that they are that good. She's now 4 and rapidly catching up to her peers. She's happy and confident.

Anneice Manzanares

Northern Colorado Speech Therapy has a great atmosphere! They work hard to make sure schedules for therapy fits into a good time with the families. They work hard on prepping therapy sessions and giving the children the best services as possible. They are a great bunch of therapists working there and Sara (the owner) does a great job making sure everything is messing together in a positive way.

Brittany Parker

Ms. Sara is the best therapist my daughter has ever had and she has helped her excel in all areas she struggled in. The staff is the friendliest and helpful they make you feel welcome everytime you come in.

Destinee Aragon

Wow, I could not disagree more with the only two negative reviews I have read about Northern Colorado Speech Therapy! My daughter is seven and severely autistic, up until approximately a year ago she was considered to be non-verbal. She has been working with Sara and her team including Angie Chase, and not only has her vocabulary dramatically increased, but she is initiating conversation now and enunciating effectively. Anyone who has worked with special needs children long enough knows how bright these kids are and knows the importance of building rapport. The staff at NCST not only have a great deal of experience but they demonstrate passion and care, especially Sara. Sara has a child with special needs and therefore very invested in her mission of building young ones into thriving, fulfilled individuals. Sara and her team have given me invaluable tools to implement at home that have accelerated my daughter's success in her verbal communication! This team will remain part of our my daughter's life-long journey of discovering her voice and adapting to the world in which she lives.
If I could say anything in response to the two nay-sayers in this forum, it would be this; If you speak the way you write, you could use a few lessons in speech therapy yourself. in the very least, and for your child's sake, improve your poor elementary school grammar-THAT is very unprofessional.

Nicole Suttle

My daughter has been going to going to speech therapy for over 2 years. She "completed" three semesters at another office. Sara evaluated her and was able to diagnose her with a learning disability. She started speech therapy and we have seen tremendous growth in her reading over the summer. The clinic has a special curriculum that they use to help her succeed.

Sara has been amazing to work with giving me pointers on how I can help my daughter with her homework! Sara always listens to any of my concerns. Sara truly wants to see ALL children to succeed!!
The clinic is growing and that speaks for itself! I have never had any issues with my insurance. I am so thankful that I found Sara and her clinic in Greeley!

Tracy Reussow