Liz Leggiadro, Ph.D.

Liz Leggiadro, Ph.D.

Hi I'm Liz! I am a licensed clinical and school psychologist who specializes in pediatric psychological assessment!

I have a bachelor's and master's degree from Colorado State University and a doctoral degree from the University of Colorado, Denver.

I love working with kids and families and helping to brainstorm new ways to solve problems and help kiddos and teens get the support they need to live their best lives!

As a licensed school psychologist, I also have a passion for helping families collaborate with the school system to provide the most appropriate supports for their children and teens.

On a personal note, in my free time I LOVE spending time listening to podcasts and reading mystery novels as well as playing with my toddler and hanging out with my partner and our two huskies! So much dog hair at our house : )

I look forward to working with you!